Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sights Along the Road

Driving around Jamaica in itself is an entertaining venture. If you can overlook the hair-raising, life-threatening drivers, there is beauty and intrigue at every corner. Here are some of the drive-by photos I accumulated this Spring.
A lovely pair of Saffron Finches admire themselves in the rear-view mirror. Natives of South America, these guys have become a part of Jamaica's avifauna in the past few centuries.
In Portland Ridge, an inquisitive Bahama Mockingbird inspects itself in the windows. This specialty is found only in the arid forests of southern Jamaica, where it is locally abundant.
At Windsor, deep in the heart of Cockpit Country.
Oh Yeah!
A Royal Caribbean cruiseship arrives at Falmouth.
As we approached Kingston, more and more security vehicles began to appear. This truck was full of heavily armed men.
Pretty self-explanatory.
Graffiti in Kingston.
Anyone care to explain this one?
gully = from the streets - a la gangsta or hood, raw or real
Signs like this are all over the place.
Just another party.
Mural in Kingston.

The right man is Obama, but who is that to his left?
Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.
This is the entrance to a shanty town near Kingston.
"A me dis" is patwah for "I made this." Congrats rooster!
Goats in the trash
On the weekend, downtown Whitehouse goes bananas. Stands such as this and the one below open up and sell all sort of things.
Kew Park is the property upon which we lived. This was a wandering horse.
One of the two local donkeys.
Girls walk along the streets of Montego Bay after school.
A high end strip club in between Mo'Bay and our house.
The seating at the super delicious Border Jerk. Clients pull up, blast music out of their open car doors, mow down on some jerk chicken, wash their car, throw bones to the dogs and peel out burning rubber.

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