Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Locals

What's a country without its people? The people of Jamaica are a colorful lot, and I've been lucky enough to snag a few candid photos of them along the way. Enjoy! I'll add more photos to this post as they come along.
I saw this fresh looking girl while driving through downtown Montego Bay. I couldn't help but snap a shot through the window.
Here's another nice girl with an even nicer weave.
This mean muggin' fellow was crossing the street in downtown Mo'Bay.
A sight like this was too good to pass up.
Shawn took this photo from out the car window on the outskirts of Kingston. What fashion sense!
This young lad began washing our windshield before we had any say about it. He targeted us because we were a.) first at the red light b.) a car full of whities. It sure did pay off for him!
A man goes fishing.

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  1. I wonder why such gaudy colors are common in Jamaica. The bright colors make the clothes look clean and new to me. Do you think it's an advertisement of wealth? A person investing in adornmnets reminds me of your birds with bright colors. Sexual selection?