Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plato Specialist

Fresh off my return to Chapel Hill and eager to start the money train a rolling, how could I resist? Plato Specialist? High school? Ok. Turns out Plato was not Play-Doh, was not Plato the Grecian, but a computer program that assists learning. Beyond that I still don't know what it means. The only thing it means to me is that the computer is doing the teaching, not me. So, they get on the computer, and so do I. They work, I don't. The best way to relate my day is by a stream of consciousness, period by period.

1st Period:
- Pretend to go to the bathroom and fill my water bottle.

- Girl informs me that she was late because she was reading the pledge of allegiance.

- I listen to "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey three times.

2nd period:
- I start playing Lexulous online.

- Don't bother to say anything to the students.

- Play "hoopoe" for 68 points. My opponent thinks I'm cheating.

- Wringing her hands, a girl comes up and asks to go to the bathroom.

- Sandy J plays "it" for 19 points.

- I take off my shoes.

3rd period:
- I decide to cheat and use a word-builder and play "trave" for 50 points. I'm now beating Sandra W by 97.

- Jeremy the "student" comes into class 10 minutes late and throws a bookbag off of a chair.

- Directed to me, he asks: "What's your name?"

Me: "Mr. K."
Him: "Special K."
Me: "That's right. Eat a healthy breakfast."

- Jeremy starts arguing with everyone around him.

- I say nothing else for the rest of class.

- Jeremy says to the guy next to him: "Why don't you go outside and fight that dog that's been walking around. I'll give you 20 dollars for that."

- Sandy J play "goos" for 18 points.

- Jeremy says to someone else: "If you stop smoking weed you are going to start beating your kids and wish you hadn't stopped smoking."

- Jeremy philosophizing on Facebook's deception: "You see her picture on facebook and they look so bangin. Then you see them in real life and they got a rash on top of their forehead."

- Jeremy's heart-felt, defensive response to someone making fun of his middle name Dewayne: "It's a family name. My brother Tewayne, cousin Berwayne, Dewayne. Ya dig?"

- I play "ape" for 14 points and beat Sandy J.

- Jeremy dropping knowledge: "I've accepted the fact I'm ugly. You ugly and you can't accept it."

- Jeremy gets removed by a counselor.


  1. I like how you structured this entry with your game play interspersed. I also like that you're still doing this. Good writing. Keep going.

  2. I love this. Every single line is intriguing.

    I like the detail: "I took off my shoes," the game playing, the dialogue.

    Jeremy is very entertaining, esp his last remark. And the comment about the rash on her forehead. And fighting the dog! This is rich.

  3. A trave is a horizontal beam that crosses a gap, kind of like Jeremy's middle name.

  4. I think I'll begin my day tomorrow by reading the pledge of allegiance. That'll set me up right.