Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stocking Excess: The Trader Joe's Beginning

New Job. A competitor to substitute teaching. Is it a heavyweight contender?

While shopping at Trader Joe's the other week I asked them if they were hiring, and when they answered in the affirmative, I applied. After a week or so I was hired. I work in 8 hour shifts, each one longer than the green mile. My interview basically consisted of 1.) swearing unerring fielty, 2.) convincing them that I would not get bored at this job 3.) that I was available every day of the week. I should have known through these requirements that this would not be the most stimulating opportunity, but, being my first experience in retail, I think it could worthwhile.

First day consisted of some employee throwing a cigarette in a trashcan which sparked a gigantic bonfire that "required" two fire tucks. Other than that, I was indoctrinated and taught all the contents of my Trader Joe's Passport which shall reside in my back pocket, burning a hole in my independence. I am anxious to learn the location of all the goods so that when a customer asks where the Canned Sputum is, I can give them the proper TRADER JOE's WOW experience, and lead them there while cordially flossing through their every need. Currently when a customer asks me, I'm like "Maaaaan, this is my first day, let me go find someone for you."

After the store closes at 9, someone puts on soft rock loudly and stocking begins as I learn the proper way to stack, the proper way to cut open boxes and appropriate lingo for absolutely everything.

That's okay though. I've still got my enthusiasm, and when it disappears, so shall I.

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